Musique Plastique
USLP 2018 (’15)

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Musique Plastique released this self-titled album on vinyl after sensitive-ears and reaching-hearts Sun Ark put part of its contents to tape in 2014. The album forecast the showers of contemporary fourth-world ambience to come, gently launching future-visions with references to Italian minimalist spirituality, anthropological mysticism, Indonesian gamelan pondering, and of course mid-80s Japanese philosophical sophistication. These influences were lovingly laid bare in the first volume of Fairlights, Mallets, and Bamboo, a mixtape indicated by Doran as “an investigation into fourth-world undercurrents in Japanese ambient and pop music, years 1980 – 1986”; and Music Interiors Vol. 2: Interni Italiani, a mix for Root Strata “a DJ mix of Italian ambient/minimalist/avant-garde music…ethnographic plunderphonics, post-Battiato spiritual minimalism, and hypnotic FM patterns (plus Mediterranean fourth world currents throughout).”

A1 Wind Voice
A2 Lost Lake
A3 Painter/Stream
A4 Vocal Study
B1 Escape Music From City To Paradise