Favorite Recordings
FR2LP (’78-’85)

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After a first edition acclaimed internationally, Favorite Recordings and Charles Maurice finally follows-up to their French Disco Boogie Sounds compilation with a second volume!!

Pursuing his fine work at digging rare music from around the world, DJ and collector Charles Maurice presents another brilliant selection of great music linked to France and French West-Indies: 12 hidden and forgotten titles, all produced between 1978 and 1985, whether in France or by French artists abroad. This time again, he perfectly browses and defines the great energy and quality of this specific Disco/Funk scene at that time, both in the underground market or through bigger labels.

On one hand, tracks by Crystal, Jackie Esam, Ideku Dynasty or Marc Ashy, were produced by small artists and labels from the French Caribbean and African community and also filled with a raw spirit and some Tropical influences. On the other hand, tracks by Claude Morgan, Greg Smaha, Roots, or Black Bells Group, were released by major labels such as Phonogram, RCA, Derby, or Carrere, thanks to confirmed independent producers, acting not only in France but also in Canada and the US.

Today, Favorite Recordings and Charles Maurice are very proud to unearth these 12 gems, with amongst them some very hard to find and almost unknown titles.

A1 Crystal – Funky Biguine
A2 Charms – Givin’ It Up
A3 Neïlo Feel – Havana
B1 Jackie Esam – Movin’
B2 Ideku Dynasty – Funk Force Leader
B3 Black Bells Group – Talk Me Mam’s
C1 Claude Morgan – Le Sherif Qui Danse
C2 Roots – Sheriff’s Horse
C3 Marc Ashy – Bye Cocotiers
D1 Nel Oliver – You Are My Dream
D2 Greg Smaha – Sunshine
D3 Messan – Keep Cool