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IT12″ 2016 (’93 edits)

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Four great tracks that were produced in 1993 from Mr Ivan Iacobucci.
The production duo, ( Twins in fact! ) of DNArt step up alongside Underground Ghosts to present 4 delicious slices of bumping beats alongside soulful melodies as part of the Grunge EP.
The track S opens up the EP with swing and soft, deep and inviting dynamic that allows this track to ease you into its feel-good vibe. Following this up we pick up the pace with a more UKG flavoured O, a track that carries a Rhodes driven melody again softening the crisp hats and creating that warm and fuzzy feeling.
Next, U lends itself to the dance floor vibes of O with low swung beat teasing the groove in as the melodics intricately progress. Finishing the EP we have L and this is by far the deepest track on the ep, primed and ready for those hot and sweaty summer nights.

A1 S
A2 O
B1 U
B2 L