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ITLP 1975 2nd hand

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2nd hand zone 😍

“Over the years Tommy Flanagan has acquired a reputation for being the accompanist par excellence. There is nothing either wrong or surprising about this, for Flanagan really IS the accompanist par excellence. The only trouble is that so exalted has his reputation become as a support of the exercises of more famous performers that his own talents as a leading man have tended to be overlooked. Probabily it has something to do also with the man’s almost flamboyantly modest demeanour at the keyboard; he has a mild, unruffled, scholarly, appearance which might have been specifically designed for self-effacement, so that at, say, a concert at which he has been the very embodiment of tact in sketching in backgrounds for Ella Fitzgerald, he appears most ingeniously to have merged himself utterly into the background. So much for appearances.” Benny Green

A1 All Day Long
A2 UMMG (Upper Manhattan Medical Group)
A3Something To Live For
A4 Mainstem
A5 Daydream
B1 The Intimacy Of The Blues
B2 Caravan
B3 Chelsea Bridge
B4 Take The “A” Train