Kindred Spirits
NLLP 2005 (re ’76 Argentina)

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Composer/conductor Carlos Franzetti’s musical range seems to know no limits. Symphonic and chamber work, big band, Latin jazz and film scores have all been the focus of his vast talent. Music lovers are bound to know Franzetti’s work since this artist has been a major force in the classical music field over the last 20 years. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a young and ambitious Carlos Franzetti, moves to New York in 1974 to pursue a musical career. Soon after his arrival, he puts together a group, which he calls The Prime Element. In 1976 they record an album entitled ‘ Alborada ‘.This unique session is a musical journey that immediately represents all aspects of Franzetti’s talent as an arranger, composer and musician. Seeking his own style, developing his versatility and translating it into an intelligent deep mix of fusion, spiritual-modal jazz and soul. The result is this rare beautiful gem. Originally released on Trova records, it only got an Argentinian release and was nearly forgotten until now. Hopefully, this amazing piece of music will give even greater and more diverse recognition of Franzetti’s brilliant musical mind. Franzetti is a complete jazz artist and an innovator. He created a mature masterpiece at such a young age, and after thirty years it can be labelled as timeless.

A1 Southamelodic
A2 En El Amanecer Del Tiempo (In The Dawn Of Time)
A3 El Elemento Primordial (The Prime Element)
A4 Lola
B1 Aldebaran
B2 Norma Jean
B3 Pelo Y Barba (Shave And A Haircut)
B4 Alborada