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US2LP 2014 2nd hand

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The vibrant 10-track project finds the duo giving fans the heat with a solid production driven by a bright piano melodies, crisp percussion and plenty of the true and real from West Coast treasure and founding member of The Pharcyde, Slimkid3.

A1 Work Hard
A2 Let Me Hit
A3 I Know, Didn’t I
A4 Fade To Black
A5 No Pity Party
B1 What Are Words For
B2 King
B3 Bom Bom Fiya
B4 Godzilla Or Gamera
B5 Bouillon
C1 Work Hard (Instrumental)
C2 Let Me Hit (Instrumental)
C3 I Know, Didn’t I (Instrumental)
C4 Fade To Black (Instrumental)
C5 No Pity Party (Instrumental)
D1 What Are Words For (Instrumental)
D2 King (Instrumental)
D3 Bom Bom Fiya (Instrumental)
D4 Godzilla Or Gamera (Instrumental)
D5 Bouillon (Instrumental)