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USLP 2015 2nd hand

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2nd hand zone 😍

A special SKRS and Boomarm dedication to all the ladies, the international Gyal Dem! 10 tracks of potent, crackling dub abstraction and sound system meditations from the elusive dub xperimentalists known as SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL. Raised in the 80s and 90s mobile DJ culture of the Philippines and currently based in Richmond, British Columbia, SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL (aka SKRS) have been actively shaping their unique, left-of-centre roots-inspired minimalist dub since the late 90s. With releases on Digitalis, Bristol’s No Corner, and their own ICS Library Records, SKRS holds true to dub music’s original spirit of exploration and transformation as both a metaphor for and a reflection of one’s inner search: from slowed breaths to quickened senses; looped invocations and false starts; shifting realities and eroded beliefs; refracted egos and the all-echoing Oneness – all subjects of their (re)search – all part of The Dance.

A1 HerImperialMajesty
A2 SonOfHerMajesty
A3 LookGoodWeADealWit
A4 GyalCircuit
A5 SendWeASign
B1 StepUpFiComeUp
B2 ABwoyTest
B3 SophisticatedGirlVIP
B4 EverywhereABruk
B5 ShockoutGetWashout