DE12″ 2016

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The title cut is a result of a Red Rack’em tour through the south pacific, connecting with Inkswell and fam. What was meant to be a Rack’em / Inkswell track instead ended up with Australian vocalist, now Berlin diamond in the rough: Misumami liberally sprinkling her magic throughout. With a proposed subject matter based around missing loved ones while apart,
Misumami weaves an enchanting story of longing, and matters of the heart, through signature sleek, clever, floor ready Rack’em production.

Flip for ‘Love Beat’ and here we get Red Rack’em- the Funky Technician fanboy, dusty fingered Native Tongue devotee, and closet Jazz dancer. The loose, bumping drum programming and sculpted, cubist jazz sampling (inna heavy Mandalorian funk fashion) weld this nocturnal seduction dance together. This is a late-night groover, eyes closed on the dance floor vibration.

Both sides are modern, vital, considered House music, where the problems of the world dissolve in a heads-down- vibes up the situation. Mastered by Pole at Scapemastering so you know it’s gonna bang…

A Nothing Without You ft Misumami
B Love Beat