Saint-Paul Force
FRLP 2017

A1 Donne Moi Ça
A2 Rêve Orangé
A3 Poulet Cuit
A4 Minnou (Minou)
B1 Malka On The Beach
B2 Judy
B3 Bellevie (Cosmic Rock)
B4 Body & Soul (Chez Roger)
B5 L’important (Portenawak Reprise)

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After a long absence, Malka Family reformed, burned some scenes and composed a new album without changing anything to its magic formula. Recomposed with almost all original musicians, they come back today with a new album, Le Retour du Kif.

At the heart of a still popular and multicultural Marais area in Paris, young musicians gather to jam. This is where Malka Family is formed. Their first self-produced album, Malka On The Beach, was released in 1991, and gigs were immediately chaining up all over France and Europe, famous for their eccentric costumed performance and after-parties. In 1992, Warner France signs them for a second album Tous des Oufs, a real P-Funk space opera with guests such as Sidney, Dee Nasty, Marco Prince (FFF), or Juan Rozoff…

They will then traveled France, Switzerland, Italy, Holland, Denmark, Namibia, Japan … And in 1994, the band becomes independent again and records an EP for Big Cheese Records, titled Fricassee de Funk. After a final tour for the third album, Fotoukonkass (BMG) recorded with Renaud Létang , the band finally broke up.

At a time when Daft Punk is using funk artists to support their performance, when Bruno Mars & Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk” continues to make the crowds dance, it’s time for the original funkateers families to come back and teach a lesson to new generations. After the band reformed and started touring again since 2015, they quickly decided to record a new album and to leave on the roads again…