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EU2LP 2020 (’97)

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NBN Archives’ second reissue is the debut – and sole – LP of Bay Area group – i.f.A aka International Family Affair.
A lethal fusion of G-Funk and R&B, this self-titled album was first released on Rollin Record Enterprises in 1997.

After having dropped their first single on Capitol in 1996 and being shelved right after, band-leader Derrick Shaw had the plan to start over his i.f.A project independently. With roots in and around Oakland, East Palo Alto, and Stockton, it was only a matter of time before these musical minds would meet to form their own “Family Affair.”

Derrick Shaw aka D-SHOOT was a vocalist and musician with a well-known band called Kashmir before he met the self-dubbed Godfather. After an introduction on the basket-ball court, the two became friends and immediately went to work flushing out many of D.’s musical concepts. In stepped BIAS, a rapper born into the game. His versatile rap styles blended perfectly with i.f.A.’s old school Funk and R&B vibe. SOS, a rapper from the streets of Oakland with a unique cadence, added his “gangsta rap” and “rough edge” background which compliments the style of i.f.A.

Produced by D-Shoot and Ivan Johnson this LP is loaded with rapping and singing backed with smoothed-out instrumentals that give off that “laid-back/bumping” vibe with that “something for the ladies”.

“It’s so different you can’t help but like it. We will appeal to a wider fan base because we’re not trying to sound like every other act coming out.” – D-Shoot.

A1 Rollin
A2 Throw Ya Hands Up
A3 Gee’s Get Lonely 2
B1 Do U Wanna Ride
B2 Bustas
C1 I Like
C2 Off Da Hook
C3 You Need A “G”
D1 Slide
D2 OG Funk
D3 Family Affair