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ITEP 2013

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Alessio Manna — MANNAMAN aka
“BLACK JOB is the latest project from Italian bassist Alessio Manna, who over the last 20 years has worked with renowned Italian artists such as Isola Posse All Stars, Casino Royale and Dj Gruff releasing on major labels and collaborating with the likes of Howie B and Tim Holmes from Death In Vegas. His major influences come from US Hip-Hop and 90’s Bristol Sound with his Heavy-Bass centered grooves.
Having kept his feet firmly in the underground throughout his career, Manna is here and there putting energy into his BLACK JOB solo project, a musical trip where lo-fi movies loop samples, liquid drones, sub synths, live bass hooks and dirty tapes hiss are combined with electronic and organic elements into a meditative whole.”

A1 Rise Again (ft SUZ)
A2 Rude (ft SOUL BOY)
A3 Dudubfordu (ft LUCA SCARRONE & TAYONE)
B1 Rise Again (SAM BINGA Remix)
B2 Rise Again (DANNY SCRILLA Remix)
B3 MMD (T-WOC Remix)