The 90s Italian writer aka aerosol artist and member of the FTN crew, CAPTO is a self-taught outsider.

The metamorphosis of the letters of his street name, shell-shaped and inspired by nature, got the writer into the search of his own path since the beginning.

C.A.P.T.O. is to pick up, to receive, to sense, to feel. IMAGES, SYMBOLS, STATES OF MIND set off by fused cultures, ancient hieroglyphics, and impressed on canvas through an esoteric indecipherable alphabet.

In 2020, the craftsman released two series on canvas. COSMIC ECHOS made by black and white tempera colors, and SAMADHI, a Vedic Indian culture homage, filled with visually stunning spiritual symbols, composed by a collage-decollage-acrylic painting-mixed media technique.

For the past twenty-five years, Capto has been a jazz-funk, hip hop, soul, reggae, fusion collector-selector, and photographer. 🕉.

Enjoy your journey

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